The United States has issued a “level three” travel advisory, urging its citizens to “reconsider” visiting Barbados due to a high level of COVID-19 infections.

The level three advisory indicates “high” COVID-19 levels. Level one indicates “low” COVID-19 levels and asks individuals to “exercise normal precautions”.

Level two advises citizens to exercise “increased caution” due to “moderate” COVID-19 levels and  level four recommends “do not travel” as a result of “very high” COVID-19 levels.

An advisory issued on the US embassy of Bridgetown website urged citizens to make sure they are fully vaccinated before travelling to Barbados and that unvaccinated travellers should avoid nonessential travel to the island.

It added because of the current situation in Barbados, all travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.



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