Donville Inniss to Return to Barbados Soon

Donville Inniss to Return to Barbados Soon

Former Barbados MP and cabinet minister Donville Inniss could be back home in weeks if not days.

Usually reliable sources tell Starcom Network News that Mr. Inniss, who is currently in a U.S. immigration detention facility had a hearing today to determine whether he would be allowed to stay in the U.S. or be deported having served his two year sentence for bribery and money laundering.

The former Minister of Industry and Commerce and Member of Parliament for St. James South had been transferred from a federal prison to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, I.C.E., detention facility to serve out the remaining time on his sentence.

In April of 2021, Mr. Inniss was sentenced to 24 months in US federal prison after being convicted in January of 2020.
Mr. Inniss who at the time was a U.S. legal permanent resident and who resided in Tampa, Florida, and Barbados, was convicted of two counts of money laundering and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Non-US citizens convicted of felonies are subject to losing their residency status and being deported to the land of their birth.
Following a one-week trial he was convicted for laundering bribe payments from a Barbados-based insurance company through banks on Long Island. The Court also ordered Mr. Inniss to pay more than 36 thousand US dollars in forfeiture.

Our sources say that during Friday’s immigration hearing Mr. Inniss was given the option of petitioning to stay in the U.S. because his family has residency there or, option 2, to be returned to Barbados as expeditiously as possible.

Starcom Network News understands that Mr. Inniss has opted for the latter and the process now begins to prepare the paperwork to facilitate his repatriation as soon as possible.

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