Move to Postpone FTC Hearing Heads to High Court

Move to Postpone FTC Hearing Heads to High Court

A bid to postpone the Fair Trading Commission’s hearing of a request for an electricity rate hike is headed to the high court.

Government’s public counsel, office the office tasked to represent the interests of consumers, has signalled its intention to take the matter higher after the hearing Chairman, Dr. Donley Carrington, denied a request for a postponement of the rate hearing.

Speaking during the first session of hearing at the Accra Beach Hotel, acting Public Council, Sharon Deane, proposed that the hearings be adjourned for at least two months since  she had only begun work on Monday and did not have enough time to properly go through the documents.

But the hearing Chairman felt that since Light and Power had filed its rate request almost a year ago, enough time had elapsed for all sides to prepare and the matter should proceed.


He cited further procedural grounds as he denied the request.


But the acting public counsel insisted that the rate hearing be suspended pending her stated application to take the matter to the high court.

And after several pauses and hurried consultations the Chair eventually conceded.


Speaking to Starcom Network News after the adjournment the lead attorney for the BL AND P, Ramon Alleyne, warned that delays only add costs they may ultimately be passed on to the consumer.

objected to the requested adjournment.


Mr. Alleyne believes that the process has been going on for too long and its time it comes to an end.

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