Some members of the congregation of World Harvest Ministry in St. Peter, the church linked to several covid clusters, are now in quarantine at the St. Lucy District Hospital, after a roughly five hour standoff at a Christ Church residence yesterday involving health officials, police and Barbados Defense Force personnel.

This follows concern expressed by health minister Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic that some members of the church had been frustrating contact tracing efforts by in his words going into hiding, although he later thanked some of the members for coming forward.

Church member Vanessa John tells Starcom Network News she has seen several calls on her phone from numbers she didn’t recognize and insists she didn’t answer the calls or call back because she doesn’t take calls from numbers with which she is unfamiliar.

She also blames yesterday’s standoff on what she considers to be the hostile manner in which she was approached by health personnel who arrived at their home at Kingsland Heights, Christ Church yesterday around 4pm.


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