The Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in a joint operation with the Regional Security System (RSS), conducted a successful Search and Rescue operation for missing fisherman Shawn McClean aboard the vessel M240 BIZZARDTYNE. Mr McClean was reported missing on Monday 16 November 2020.

Martha McClean last saw her husband between 6 am and 7 am Monday morning.  He left there Six Men’s St. Peter location aboard his Moses.

However, when by Tuesday evening he did not return from his fishing trip she called the Barbados coast guard around 7:57 pm and they set off on the search some three minutes after , along with informing regional coast guards and police to be on the lookout for the vessel.

The search began four miles off Speightstown and the cement plant where McClean usually fishes, with the coast guard also checking the mooring to see if he had returned.

Officials from the Coast Guard told Starcom Network that the search was called off around 10:33 pm. It was after this that they reached out to the Regional security system for air support. The search then continued Wednesday afternoon up till 2 pm and the RSS took to the skies around 330 following a different search pattern which was mapped out.

It was at 25 minutes past four on Wednesday evening that th rSS air team found him on the vessel waving a shirt on the deck of the boat.

Mcclean had gon adrift after developing engine problems. He was 22 miles to the north west of speightstown when found.

The HMBS Rudyard Lewis recovered man and boat round 5:14 PM

His condition was checked at the Coast Guard and he was just a bit shaken but in good health. He was fed and taken back to his six men’s home.

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