The ministry of health has condemned and ordered destroyed 54,000 kilograms (about 60 tons) of food held in storage by a local food import and distribution company.

The shipment of bacon and pasta was condemned by the environmental health division of the ministry of health as its shelf-life expiry dates had passed.

The condemned shipment came to light through a video posted to social media showing a convoy of trucks delivering the foodstuff to the Mangrove Pond landfill for disposal on Monday.

A player in the food retail business tells Starcom Network News that the condemned shipment is likely what he called ‘covid-losses’, meaning the losses suffered by businesses through inventory piling up due to the covid-19 pandemic which shut down the country for a period of time, caused a significant amount of unemployment and cut sales.

And he says it’s a dilemma facing many businesses as the impact of the pandemic drags on.

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