Police at District ‘A’ Police Station have in custody a male who is assisting with the investigation of the double homicide which occurred on Monday 22 June 2020.

The two men who were attacked and killed have been identified by Police as, 25-year-old Nation photojournalist Christoff Griffith and Glenroy James, of Grazettes, St Michael, who was contracted by the Anglican Diocese to carry out excavation work.

The double-killing occurred on the premises of the former official residence of the Anglican Bishop of Barbados, at Bishop’s Court Hill, St. Michael.

A work crew was undertaking asbestos removal from the premises when allegedly one of them was attacked and chopped to death by who is suspected to be a mentally ill man that apparently had taken up residence on the compound.

After the worker was killed, the Nation Newspaper photographer who was alerted about the incident arrived on the scene and was also attacked and chopped to death.

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