Community shaken by death of St. Peter resident

Community shaken by death of St. Peter resident

A community is left shaken following the death of 43 year old Shawn Pearson Williams who was fatally shot at Boscobelle St. Peter.

Police say the now deceased and a family member had just returned home and was walking the pathway to his house when a number of explosions were heard and the deceased was later discovered motionless on the ground.

Cousin of the deceased Shawn Williams said he heard the shots and ran to investigate. He noted this is not the first time Shawn was shot at.

Cousin of deceased Shawn Williams

Another resident says he feels scared following the shooting on Tuesday night.

The Boscobelle resident who lives close to the shooting location told Starcom Network he feels uneasy.

A resident of Boscobelle, St. Peter.
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