Alleged Bank Breach

Alleged Bank Breach

The Barbados Bankers Association denies there’s any widespread data breach across the commercial banking sector but one of the new opposition Senators insists customers of at least one bank have had their accounts compromised and that she is one of the victims.

Democratic Labour Party Senator, Tricia Watson, made the revelation as the Senate debated amendments to the Financial Institutions Act.

Senator Watson, called for a comprehensive review of the consumer protection policy in relation to conducting banking business here and cited the alleged breach.

She accuses the banks of failing to properly notify customers of such events.

Opposition Senator Tricia Watson.

Meantime, head of the Barbados Bankers Association, Anthony Clerk, has told Starcom Network News while there is no widespread breach across the sector it is not unusual for some customers’ accounts to be compromised from time to time as a result of the individuals’ online activities especially clicking on links sent via email.

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