Covid Outbreak at FTC Rate Hearing

Covid Outbreak at FTC Rate Hearing

The Fair Trading Commission electricity rate hearing has  been hit by a covid-19 outbreak that has forced a switch in format and delayed the start of today’s session.

Well placed sources tell Starcom Network News that to date five people who have been taking part in the hearing have tested positive and three others are awaiting results.

As a result, the Public Counsel reportedly sent a letter to the FTC suggesting the hearing be conducted remotely.

The FTC ruled that the rest of the hearing will be held in a hybrid format with live attendance for those who chose to do so while there is the option of remote attendance for those who prefer that method.

When the hearing resumed this morning, the FTC hearing chairman and commissioners were present while the intervenors and Light and Power management and their attorneys were on zoom.

At the start of today’s session, the Chairman Dr. Donley Carrington, announced the use of the hybrid format without mentioning the covid-19 cases.



During today’s session, speaking remotely, the power company’s director of finance Ricaido Jennings was again seeking to explain why the company needs a rate increase.

He linked it to the company’s ability to attract finance at reasonable rates.


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