General Manager of the band Aura, Rondell Jones says the crop over festival was challenging for Grand Kadooment bands this year and there is a need for key players to be involved early in the planning for Crop Over 2023.


Mr. Jones spoke of some of the challenges this year.

Voice of: General Manager of the Aura Kadooment Band, Rondelle Jones


A Kadooment retrospective accounted for a significant amount of VOB’s Getting Down to Brass Tack’s call-in program with the comments including those of the moderator Peter Wickham who disclosed that he was one of those who in the past recommended a switch to the ABC Highway.

But in the face of considerable criticism of the new route, he conceded the idea may need to be reviewed.


Producer of Soca on the Hill, Rudy Maloney, says this year represents a good rebound for the event and the Crop Over festival overall.

Voice of: Producer of Soca on the Hill, Rudy Maloney.

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