Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw has again stressed that government has no intention of forcing people to get vaccinated even as she expressed her concerns about people failing to get inoculated.

Ms. Bradshaw speaking at the third in a series of government organised town hall meetings on vaccination, referred to covid-19 spikes overseas and worried about what could happen here in the absence of an adequate number of people being vaccinated.

Meantime, President of the Congress Trade Unions and Staff Associations, Edwin O’neale, also speaking during the town hall session declared that the labour movement fully supports vaccinations.

But he warned against what he called bullying tactics by employers to force workers to get vaccinated. Mr. O’neale says that’s where he has a big problem.

One of the loudest voices in the local anti-vaccine movement, Winston Clarke, of the Barbados Concerned Citizens group,  says he won’t be convinced until there is more data on how people have been affected by the vaccines.

School worker: anti-vaxxers “irresponsible; selfish”

But, a member of the audience, Mary Clarke, who works at a primary school, lambasted the anti-vaxxers referring to them as disgruntled, ungrateful and selfish.

She stressed that she is fully vaccinated saying she did it to safeguard the children she takes care of.

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