The acting Director of Trinidad and Tobago’s Meteorological Services Division,  Ezekiel Sampson, is under investigation by his bosses and his department has also been banned from speaking to the media after he declared that Elsa was not a hurricane contrary to statements issued by Barbados and the National Hurricane Centre in Florida.

Mr. Sampson, speaking on a radio programme, disagreed with the decisions by the National Hurricane Centre in Miami and the Barbados Met Services to upgrade Elsa to hurricane status on Friday.

Trinidad’s Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales told the media there that the matter was brought to his attention and he advised the Permanent Secretary of the ministry to take immediate action.

The matter has been referred to the Public Service Commission to be dealt with in accordance with the Public Service Regulations.

However, when asked by the news media about the investigation, Mr. Ezekiel refused to back down.

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