With just a few days before Christmas, Minister of Health Lt. Col. Jeffery Bostic has called on Barbadians not to drop their guard.

Speaking on Sunday in an address to the nation, he said that the public must cooperate with public health officials to ensure there is no community spread, especially during the yuletide season.

The minister made this plea as he announced over a dozen new covid-19 cases recorded over the weekend.

The minister says however, authorities have been able to control the spread of the virus, but the battle is not over.

And with just days before Christmas, the minister has warned shoppers and businesses to adhere to the protocols.

He notes that while many have been adhering to the protocols so far, they are a few people who are disregarding the rules, which puts the entire country at risk.

Col. Bostic also had this to say to the hoteliers.

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