Franklyn: government must foot the bill

Franklyn: government must foot the bill

Unity Workers’ Union (UWU) General Secretary Caswell Franklyn is adamant that government will have to underwrite the cheque to pay hundreds of hotel workers who claim they are being disadvantaged by their bosses.

Out of work former tourism employees complain that they are getting the run around from employers over severance pay and National Insurance payments and the BWU has warned of mass protest action.

But Mr. Franklyn who is head of the Unity Trade Union, says the fault lies with government.

Senator Franklyn told Starcom Network News that he will not be supporting the BWU’s proposed mass protests for hotel employees, as that union has also failed workers.

Meantime, some of the roughly 100 workers severed by the state-owned Caribbean Aircraft Handling Company are complaining bitterly about how they have been treated.

About a dozen of them staged a protest yesterday demanding money they say is still owed to them.

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