There was an outpouring of grief this morning in The Pine, St. Michael and beyond at the death of popular nut seller, Randy Selman, who was shot dead last night as he sat outside his home at Golden Rock.

Over the past two decades he had become a fixture, plying his trade at the corner of Pine Hill and Pine Road, St. Michael from the time he left the St. George Secondary School at the age of 15.

His family and residents of Golden Rock the Pine tell Starcom Network News that he was so well-liked that they are confident he was just an innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet intended, they believe, for someone else among a group of men liming nearby.

He had been sitting at a table in a fenced-in area just outside his front door. His mother, Coreen Selman-Hart, standing next to the chair where her son had been seated, spoke to Starcom Network News about last night’s tragic events.

Another resident of the area, Rhonda Hollingsworth feels strongly that Randy was an innocent victim of gunfire she believes is connected to gang activity in the area.


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