Three men are in police custody after officers responded to reports of gunshots being fired in the area known as The Marl Hole, Carrington Village, St Michael after 2 a.m. today.

Police say Personnel from the Emergency Response Team of the Bridgetown Division responded in two mobile units. On arrival they encountered a vehicle with four male occupants; it was exiting from Roberts’ Land, onto Halls Road in the said area. Police say signaled the vehicle to stop and as officers exited their police vehicles to approach the said vehicle, one of the occupants was seen brandishing what appeared to be a gun, the driver suddenly drove off and accelerated towards them causing them to run to evade being struck. They fired upon the vehicle. A chase ensued, the vehicle sped onto Halls road then onto Chase Gap, St. Michael.

Two of the four men jumped out of the vehicle and ran away but they were intercepted by a police patrol along Tweedside road, there was a confrontation between these two men and police. One of the men who was armed with a gun was ordered to drop the gun but instead, he pointed it in the direction of the police who fired their weapons in an effort to defend themselves.

Both of the suspects then ran away through a nearby gap, police gave chase on foot. One of the men was cornered and apprehended. He was bleeding and had visible injuries, an ambulance was summoned and quickly arrived, the injured man was transported to QEH for medical attention. He was described as having injuries to both legs and his right arm. The firearm he had was recovered at the scene after he threw it a short distance away.
The other man who was on foot escaped.

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