What’s new with AJA?

I’ve released two new poetry/musical works. The first which was released as a music video on May 25 addresses the global awakening to racism, white supremacy and the over 400 years of injustices which Black people are directly and indirectly experiencing.  Call “Blak Distant Voice” it refers to the current situation of protest, but also warns that we need to guide our destiny to correct the wrongs of slavery and colonialism.

The second work is a track call “It Dread…Colonialism ain Dead”. The title speaks for itself. The riddim poem points out that despite, the Abolition of Slavery, Emancipation and independence, colonialism has remained present physically, mentally and spiritually on our landscape…..that we have not been able to rid the colonial culture from our consciousness.

I will soon be releasing a music video to “It Dread…Colonialism ain Dead”.

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