A local protest this morning in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement against the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota by police, came to a screeching halt after police revoked the permit to do so.

Scores of protesters assembled outside the US Embassy at Wildey, St Michael around 11 a.m which was organized by The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration. However, police showed up and called for the rally to end, saying the grouping failed to adhere to one of the guidelines, – that only 10 people are allowed to picket. This was of the rules in place as part of COVID-19 safety protocols.

This afternoon in a clear the air news conference, Police Senior Superintendent Antonio Forte said that there were about 70 to 100 people present.  He says it’s not police’s aim to prevent the public from protesting but stress things must be done the correct way.

However, one of the organizers and General Secretary of The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration David Denny said he had a different interpretation of the guidelines.

Mr. Denny says he plans to hold another protest next week Saturday and will be applying for another permit.

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