What’s new with Mr. Veejay?

“Many would have noticed that I haven’t released any music since my last Chutney Soca single entitled “Twin Brother” in 2018. This was due to some medical procedures in 2019 that put me at a halt from taking part in seasonal activities. I used this time to not only relax but also reflect on my career and improve in certain aspects.

Currently, I’ve been doing some song writing and in talks with producers and artistes, planning my next move. I’ve made the decision to push the envelope by rendering other genres and experimenting with different sounds, to change the dynamic of the Mr. Veejay brand.

Being of Indian decent, I’ll also be making it my responsibility to push the trend of Chutney Soca music in Barbados to make it more recognizable. In this regard, you can expect a few collaborations in the future which will assist in promoting the Indo-Caribbean genre.”

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