Three popular restaurants close doors

Three popular restaurants close doors

Three of this island’s well-known upscale restaurants have closed their doors, citing a heavy increase in government taxes and reduced customer spend as the major reasons for the decision.

The three are CinCin by the Sea, Primo Bar and Bistro and Hugo Barbados which operate under the CHAPS brand.

Chief Executive Officer of the group, Joanne Pooler says the decline in the Pound Sterling has also impacted visitor spend.

She tells Starcom Network News that despite an increase in passenger arrivals, it has not translated into revenue spend.

Ms. Pooler is also calling for a level playing field in the restaurant sector, arguing that those attached to all-inclusive hotels are being given an unfair advantage.

Meantime, owner of the popular Champers Restaurant Cheryl Newman speaking on VOB’s Getting Down to Brass Tacks call-in program reacted to the closure of the restaurant CHAPS chain.

She says her business and others continue to survive and wondered what other factors were at play in the restaurant chain folding.

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