Lesley Seale Talks Art, Dance & COVID-19

My name is Lesley Seale and I am a visual artist and also a member of the Multifarious Dance Crew. What’s new with Lesley Seale? Well, let’s start from early this year when I began to work at an establishment where I knew I didn’t want to stay because it was a means to an […]

Shaquille GFG Talks ‘Own Ting’ & Releasing Music During COVID-19

What’s the story about ‘Own Ting’? In terms of the minor details it was written by myself (Shaquille), produced by Jus D and mixed and mastered by Jus D. It’s actually on a riddim called the Inside Out Riddim and there are about 3-4 other songs on the riddim as a well. The concept behind […]

Coopa Dan Talks What’s New & The People’s Monarch Crown

What’s new with Coopa Dan? “First off I gotta [sic] give kudos to myself for just completing my Bachelor’s degree in Education at Erdiston cus [sic] if you don’t know…I have been a teacher, a primary school teacher for the past 14 years . I currently teach at Milton Lynch Primary, I’m currently a class […]

Robbi Niles Talks “Prolly” & Releasing The Music Video During COVID-19

What’s New with Robbi Niles? “The COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us to be inside. That gave me the time for reflection and creation. In fact, if you look around all international artist have used this time to continue their journey, by putting their fans first and pushing positivity in these uncertain times. I just […]

Yannick Hooper Talks New Release “So Right”

Just in time for summer Yannick Hooper has released “So Right”. Here’s what Yannick Hooper had to say about the process/inspiration behind the song “So Right”: “This soca dance song was produced by the very talented group De Men Pruhduktionz and mixed by Julian Griffith with the mastering support of Scratch Master. I wanted to […]

lLeigh Phillips Talks New Music Video ‘Sunrise’

What’s new with Leigh Phillips? “Close your eyes Put hurt aside Stay open to love Keep smilin’ with the sunrise” Choose Joy! That is the simple, yet powerful, message Barbadian singer-songwriter Leigh Phillips is sharing through the release of her new music video “Sunrise” – an optimistic and hopeful outlook – the perfect remedy for […]

Chrissy D Talks Lockdown, Learning & New Music

What’s new with Chrissy D? “Soca 2020, this is the year that a lot of people decided to sit out of but I decided that I was not going to sit out of this year at all. I decided that I was still going to release music because in my mind I’m an artiste first […]

AJA Talks New Poetry/Music & “It Dread…Colonialism ain Dead”

What’s new with AJA? I’ve released two new poetry/musical works. The first which was released as a music video on May 25 addresses the global awakening to racism, white supremacy and the over 400 years of injustices which Black people are directly and indirectly experiencing.  Call “Blak Distant Voice” it refers to the current situation […]