Some SSA staff still off the job

Some SSA staff still off the job

Some Sanitation Service Authority workers remain off the job for a second consecutive day in protest over a promised incentive payment and other grievances.

SSA Chairman, Ramon Alleyne, tells Starcom Network News, the majority of the employees are still at work.

He condemns the work stoppage as a wild-cat strike and indicated there will be consequences for those that remain off the job.

SSA Chairman, Ramon Alleyne.

General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers Richard Greene tells Starcom Network News they have been meeting to address the concerns raised by the employees and that some of the SSA employees have gone back to work.

NUPW General Secretary, Richard Greene. 

Meantime Unity Workers Union Shop Steward Terry Carter said their members will continue to protest for as long as it takes until the issues are addressed.

Unity Workers Union Shop Steward, Terry Carter.

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