No Dodds cover-up says Home Affairs Minister

No Dodds cover-up says Home Affairs Minister

Home Affairs Minister, Wilfred Abrahams, denies there’s any cover up about a person allegedly trying to smuggle contraband into Dodds Prison.

He stresses that contrary to reports the person in question has no connection to the National Peace Program.

The Home Affairs Minister issued the statement after claims were made during an online discussion program alleging that an individual was caught trying to smuggle into the prison, a dongle, which is a small USB device that can be used as a small modem.

Mr. Abrahams says the Barbados Prison Service was tipped off that a certain person intended to smuggle a prohibited item into the prison.

He disclosed that on arrival to the prison, the individual was kept under observation as he proceeded to the main check point where he, along with his possessions were searched by an officer and two flash drives were found concealed in a small compartment of his bag. 

The person was interviewed by the acting Superintendent of Prisons and the Barbados Police Service was informed of the incident.  The individual was subsequently handed over to the Police and escorted off the prison compound. 

Mr. Abraham says that at the time the individual was part of an organised volunteer rehabilitation program in film techniques which is part of efforts to provide inmates with marketable skills to assist with their reintegration into society upon release.

The Home Affairs Minister stresses, however, that the particular program is in no way associated with the National Peace Program which falls under the auspices of Minister Corey Layne and administered through the office of the Attorney General.

Mr. Abrahams disclosed that the individual was released without charge by the Barbados Police Service which determined that though unauthorized, the items did not pose a threat to the security of the Prison.

He insists that contrary to what is being alleged in a video clip there was no cover- up of the incident.

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