Blackett Wants Thorne Expelled from DLP

Blackett Wants Thorne Expelled from DLP

A heated Democratic Labour Party members forum has seen a motion tabled to try to have the party’s new political leader Ralph Thorne expelled even as a party veteran appeals for unity.

The meeting was called after major divisions in the party emerged marked by party stalwarts stating in writing their lack of confidence in the party’s President Dr. Ronnie Yearwood.

One of those Yearwood opponents also sought the removal of General Secretary Steve Blackett and the party’s executive council.

But in a stunning twist Mr. Blackett has countered with his own motion expressing support for Dr. Yearwood and urging that Mr. Thorne’s membership be revoked and that he be expelled from the DLP.

Mr. Blackett accuses Mr. Thorne of bringing confusion and conflict to the party.

Meantime former DLP MP and cabinet minister Donville Inniss has reportedly called for unity in the party

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