One of Two Suspects Held for Culloden Rd Robbery

One of Two Suspects Held for Culloden Rd Robbery

The police have held one of two bandits who attacked and robbed two elderly women at a bus stop near the Vocational Training Board at Culloden Road St. Michael today.

A video of the incident that was captured by a passing motorist shows as man wearing a black hoodie accosting one of the ladies, tugging at her arm and snatching some of her belongings before running off.

The police say that at 11 40 am, a 65 year old and a 71 year old woman were at the bus stop when two men approached and robbed them of various pieces of jewelry including a bracelet and chain.

One of the suspects, a 19 year old male, was captured by the police and remains in custody.

One of the robbery victims complained of various injuries to her shoulder and wrist.

A woman who was working in a nearby building witnessed the attack.

A woman who witnessed the robbery at Culloden Road today.

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