Crop Over Boom

Crop Over Boom

Promoters report a significant increase in patrons attending events this Crop Over.

Producer of the UV breakfast party, Mario Turton, says that in light of the number of patrons who attended events last weekend he expects a good response to his event.


However, he is appealing to the public not to storm or try to breach the security of these events.

Executive producer of RISE, Orlando Newton, also notes the success of recent events which he says are being produced at an international level.  He also highlighted the extensive security measures.


Mr. Newton applauds the security initiatives by the police service and other agencies saying he is confident in the measures that have been put in place.

Marketing Coordinator at Sheraton Mall, Karen Oliver has reported an increase in patrons at the shopping centre for the Crop Over season.

Miss Oliver tells Starcom Network News that since the last weekend the number of shoppers at the mall  has tripled and they have been seeing more customers than usual for the past few weeks.


Meanwhile in the city, owner of Jasons on Bolton Street, ChandruThani says they have seen an uptick in visitors to their store for the crop over season.

Owner of Jasons on Bolton Street, Chandru Thani

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