The House of Assembly is debating a constitutional amendment providing a legal framework for the un-elected opposition to be offered seats in the Senate.

The amendments being considered at the first full meeting of the House since last month’s general election also allow an 18 year old to become a member of the Senate.

The Constitution Amendment bill was tabled last week at a brief sitting of the House that following the formal opening of the new parliamentary session.

In leading off the debate Attorney General, Dale Marshall, stated that while the President has full discretion to appoint independent Senators there’s no guidance for what should happen where no opposition member wins a seat in the house.

And he indicated it was possible that the Senate seats might be offered to another political party if the DLP declines to accept it.

Meantime, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley stressed the importance of having an official opposition noting that the opposition leader has important constitutional roles to perform including recommending or being consulted on key appointments.


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