Police have charged three men for the killing of acting station sergeant Newton Lewis who was gunned down while responding to an attempted robbery near his home at Rose Hill St. Peter last month.

The murder accused are:

Forty three year old Corey Morris, of Egret Drive, Graeme Hall Park, Christ Church and also of Godding Road, Station Hill, St. Michael; twenty six year old Ron Fenty of 20B Down Hill Drive, Eden Lodge, St. Michael and twenty six year old Jason Blenman of Powder Road, Station Hill, St. Michael.

Two of the men are also charged for a home invasion that led to the officer being shot dead when he tried to intervene.

Fenty and Blenman are accused of entering the residence of Dakovan Husbands on  May 22nd as a trespasser and stealing property valued at three thousand, four hundred and sixty-five dollars.

In addition, the three are charged in connection with gunfire that damaged a building owned by Colin Jordan and endangered the life of retired police inspector Lionel Ward who was also responding to the report of a burglary at a neighbor’s property.

Furthermore, the three are accused of a burglary at the home of Roger Smith on May 4th when they stole more than ten thousand dollars in  cash while armed with guns.

Fenty is also charged with stealing the victim’s Toyota Axio car.


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