Supermarkets say no to ABC system

Supermarkets say no to ABC system

Some supermarket operators are recommending an extension of the days and hours that they are allowed to open.

This, as there continue to be long lines outside establishments as customers rush to stock up in the face of shortened supermarket hours and  a stay at home weekend.

However the supermarkets aren’t supporting the call for a reintroduction of the ABC system.

Chief Operating Officer at Popular Supermarket, McArthur Barrow says the ABC system only contributes to the problem.

CEO of Massy Supermarkets, Randall Banfield, has a similar view.

Managing Director of Carlton and Emerald City Supermarkets, Andrew Bynoe, tells Starcom Network News what’s needed is an additional day.

With the lockdown being extended to the end of the month, some members of the public and the business community have been calling for hardware stores to be allowed to open.

Managing director of H & B Hardware Jason Pinto tells Starcom Network News the closure is financially difficult on them but the wellbeing of the country is paramount.

Meantime Caters General Store managing Director Michael Edwards  says they hope to re-open on the 1st of march but until then they will supply customers only where emergency exemption is given by the Attorney General.


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