An enhanced covid-19 directive went into effect from midnight last night ….as attorney general ,Dale Marshall expresses concern… that too many people are still out an about during the day.

At the covid-19 media briefing this morning, he said the public seemed to be only respecting the night time part of the curfew measures.

But, he declared that this has to stop.

Mr. Marshall reiterated the day time exemptions.

Bakeries are allowed to operate to bake bread but bread selling depots are closed, gas stations are also closed over the weekend ….

and beaches and parks will be closed on Saturday and Sunday… and no outdoor exercise is allowed at the weekend.

Police commissioner Tyrone Griffith, served notice that there will be no more warnings and violators will be dealt with harshly.

The Commissioner disclosed that 15 teams are spreading out across the country checking for violators.. and they will be taking more people before the law courts.

He also urged the public to report violations.


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