Ghanaian nurse being treated for malaria

Ghanaian nurse being treated for malaria

One of the 95 Ghanaian nurses who arrived in Barbados on July  30th has tested positive for Malaria and is currently being treated.

The announcement was made by health officials this afternoon during a news conference. Chief Medical Officer (ag) Dr. Kenneth George says  Barbados gets about two or three imported cases of Malaria each year.

Head of the Infection Prevention and Control/Infectious Diseases Programme at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr. Corey Forde said the patient is doing “quite well.”

Meantime, Director of the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, Ronald Chapman, says the chances of malaria spreading in Barbados are very slim.

Meantime, Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George says all of the Ghanaian Delegation will be tested for Malaria.

Dr. George was also asked about the nurses’ medical history prior to arriving in Barbados. He defended government’s decision to let them in.

Barbados has recorded another case of COVID-19, a visitor who arrived from Turkey via a private plane yesterday.

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