Attorney General Dale Marshall has again warned that the curfew in Barbados is a 24-hour lockdown and that people can and will be prosecuted if they are caught out on the streets, even during the daytime, if it’s not for one of the purposes specified in the regulations.

Starcom Network News contacted the Attorney General for clarification of the curfew in light of a story in the court pages of today’s Nation Newspaper where it’s reported that a charge of breach of curfew was withdrawn because the two people were accused of being outdoors at a time not covered by the dusk to dawn lockdown.

According to the story, the charge was withdrawn because the time listed for the offence was 1:15 pm, a daytime hour, while according to that particular court officer the order spoke to 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Mr. Marshall stressed that he would not be commenting on a court matter but sought to clarify the curfew insisting, it is 24 hours, night and day.

He also listed the exemptions.

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