The police have charged ten more people for breaching curfew and six of them who have already pleaded guilty will spend from six months to a year at Dodds Prison.

A total of 12 violators have been charged since the 24-hour curfew went into effect in Barbados on April 3rd.

Ten of those were arrested between Friday and last night as the police clamp down on violators, with scores of people having been stopped and questioned by officers.

Of the ten recently charged, up to news time, three were yet to appear in court while one pleaded not guilty and was remanded to Dodds Prison.

Six curfew breakers, some of whom had additional charges such as theft were jailed for six months each.

One of the curfew breakers, a man with a criminal history, was charged with burglary as well as breach of the curfew and was sentenced to a year in prison on each charge with the sentences to run concurrently.


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