What’s new with Rhea Layne?
“Tbh (to be honest) everything kinda on hold thanks to Covid but I’m working on some new music, in studio with Noize Boyz and doing something fun, new and exciting for the next Crop Over season. Also, working on a music video for “De Gem” and working with some local and regional artistes on some Soca music ….no names!”

How do you feel the coronavirus is impacting music?
“Right now I think people are a little unsure of what to do in terms of releasing music. A lot of Carnivals are being cancelled or postponed and that’s how most artistes make the money they spend on production back, and for some it might be considered a loss to release without having any opportunities to perform those songs. But in terms of creativity, definitely many artiste, being on lockdown, will now have the space and time to really delve into their creative space and write and record a lot more music for the arsenal to release when the time is right”

Interview by Digital Content Producer Azania Phillips

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