The Senate last evening passed a resolution which will restore the salaries of senior government officials and parliamentarians.

During the debate, the only member of the Opposition present, Senator Wilfred Abrahams, criticised the government for the move, arguing that it was unfair to the people of Barbados, who continue to suffer as a result of the troubled economy.

He eventually left the chamber, saying that his conscience would not allow him to stay, but before he left he claimed that members of the Opposition do not want the restored money, to which they would be entitled. He said, members of the Opposition would rather give their money to charity.


“The fact is we have taken a stance, as a party, until the public of Barbados gets a raise, until the people get their VAT returns, until there is some relief for the common man, we do not want it back. It is blood money.”

But in her contribution, Minister of Labour, Senator Dr Esther Byer Suckoo, defended the move, arguing that the pay cut arrangement was always supposed to be temporary.



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