Three shootings, 2 dead Wednesday night

Three shootings, 2 dead Wednesday night

Residents of 4th Avenue Hart’s Gap St. Michael are calling for an end to the gun violence in Barbados after a 32 year old man was shot dead there last night.

Chad Roett of Proute, St. Thomas was liming with friends at a shop at Hart’s Gap just after 9 30 pm when a car pulled up, and two armed men exited the vehicle and shot him.

Security camera footage of the incident which is making the rounds on social media appears to show the men snatching a large gold chain from around the victim’s neck before fleeing the scene.

When Starcom Network News visited the area, one of the residents told us she was asleep when shots rang out.

Around that same time police received a call about another fatal shooting that occurred at Free Hill, Black Rock.

The police say that at about 9 38 p.m. an anonymous caller reported multiple gunshots at Boyce Road, Free Hill.

Thirty year old Raheam Brathwaite of Melvin’s Avenue, Black Rock was injured and transported to hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

A resident of nearby Pile Bay, Spring Garden, told Starcom Network News she heard the gun shots and knew the victim.

And around 11 pm gunshots were also heard at Pile Bay. No one was injured in that incident. A resident recounted what took place.

A resident of Pile Bay, Spring Garden in Bridgetown.

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