Tight security for T20 World Cup

Tight security for T20 World Cup

Attorney General Dale Marshall promises that security will be tight for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup with the security forces having been extensively trained and police officers being brought in from other territories.

He outlined the plan as he introduced in the House of Assembly the ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies and Visiting Police Officers Bills.

The temporary laws allow for special arrangements to be put in place for the duration of the tournament, the finals of which are being hosted in Barbados in June.

He notes that while the tournament commences in the first week of June officials and journalists will arrive in the region by May 15th and therefore that’s the timeline set to have everything in place.

Mr. Marshall indicates that Barbados’ preparations are ahead of schedule.

He disclosed that during the tournament Cricket West Indies will have full control of all venues where matches are being held, but local officials such as health and law enforcement will retain their usual authority in relation to these locations.

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