DLP “in disarray” needs new leader, says strategist Henry

DLP “in disarray” needs new leader, says strategist Henry

Political strategist Hartley Henry wants the opposition Democratic Labour Party to go in search of a new leader as he’s convinced the party has no chance of ousting the government with either Ralph Thorne or Dr. Ronnie Yearwood at the helm.

Mr. Henry a respected regional political strategist who has worked for the both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, was speaking on VOB’s Down to Brasstacks call-in program.

Bitter infighting in the DLP was a topic for discussion on the program against the background of no-confidence motions being filed by DLP members against the party’s executive and General Secretary, Steve Blackett filing a motion seeking to have the political leader Mr. Thorne expelled from the party.

Mr. Henry believes Dr. Yearwood should step down. But he doesn’t think Mr. Thorne is the answer either.

Mr. Henry believes that neither Mr. Thorne nor Dr. Yearwood has a chance of defeating Prime Minister Mottley at the polls.

Mr. Henry also recommends that the DLP change its constitution to remove the requirement that the political leader be someone with a seat in parliament.

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