Two Drown In Separate Incidents

Two Drown In Separate Incidents

The bodies of a woman and a man have been recovered in two separate drownings, one in St. Peter and the other in St. Michael.

The police received a report about nineteen minutes past nine this morning about an elderly man having drowned at Brandons, St. Michael.

The body was later recovered and identified as that of 80 year old Keith Beckles of Bluebell Drive, Husbands, St. James.

The police say his body was discovered floating in the area of the Water Park along Brandons Beach.

Meantime, about ten minutes to noon a visitor noticed a body floating in the water at Heywoods Beach, St. Peter and pulled it shore.

Earlier employees of the National Conservation Commission had reported to police that a body had been spotted floating in the water in the area.

The body has been identified as that of 42 year old Fay Ann Cadogan of Church Street, Gardens St. Peter.

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