Young & Old Being Abandoned at QEH

Young & Old Being Abandoned at QEH

Health officials are concerned about the significant number of both and young and old people being abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the large number of non-urgent cases that are flooding the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department.

Acting Minister of Health Dr. Sonia Browne, tells Starcom Network News these trends are straining the hospital’s resources and creating additional challenges as the hospital tries to improve service delivery.

She says these non-urgent cases are contributing to the backlog that the public then complains about.       

Dr. Browne also believes that in some cases people unfairly complain of not being treated.

And abandonment at the hospital remains a major problem. 

But Dr. Browne admits that the hospital still has work to do in areas such as staff/patient communications which she considers to be inadequate.

She says the hospital is committed to improving this.

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