Police Update: Four St. Philip Fire Victims Identified

Police Update: Four St. Philip Fire Victims Identified

The four bodies of the family found in the burned house have been identified as Anthony Lovell, 49 years; Allison Lovell, 46; Abriel Lovell, 12 and ten-year-old Alexander Lovell.

Acting police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Stephen Griffith gave this report.

At around 3:30 a.m, neighbours contacted the fire service after hearing what sounded like two small explosions and then seeing fire coming from the  Breezy Hill home in St. Phillip.

Fire and police officers who entered the two-storey home found the 4 badly burnt bodies in a bedroom at the rear of the property. The room showed evidence of an intense fire that STARCOM Network News understands was likely fueled by an accelerant.

STARCOM Network News also understands the family car had been left parked with the keys still inside.

Distraught neigbours described the parents and their children as quiet and polite people and are devastated by the tragedy.

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