Policeman freed of murder charge

Policeman freed of murder charge

A magistrate has handed down a not guilty verdict in the six-year old, high-profile case in which a police officer was accused of murder.

Constable Everton Gittens of Dash Gap, Bank Hall, St. Michael was accused in the March 2015 shooting death of Selwyn “Blues” Knight and also of unlawfully wounding Mr. Knight’s son Junior.

The incident took place when Constable Gittens, then said to be a member of the police’s Drug Squad, was off duty and at his home in Dash Road, Bank Hall.

The father and son had chased a burglar who had just stolen items from their home in Queen Mary Road.

Mr. Knight, the burglary victim, was fatally shot in a tragic mix-up of apparently mistaken identity.

The magistrate has ruled that a prima facie case had not been made out by the prosecution and that the charges could not be sustained based on the evidence.


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