Former President of the National Union of Public Workers, Akanni McDowall, is being expelled from the union that he led for many years.

Starcom Network News understands the national council of this country’s largest public sector union met yesterday and voted to expel both Mr. McDowall and one of his staunchest supporters Natalie Murray.

Internal disciplinary charges were brought against the two for allegedly bringing the organization into disrepute.

In June Mr. McDowall was suspended from all activities of that union following a highly contentious bid by supporters to have him installed as the union’s first secretary general.

The current NUPW President Kimberly Agard who won the August union elections from which Mr. McDowall withdrew at the last minute, declined to confirm or deny reports of the expulsion, and would only say that the two individuals involved would be notified of a decision taken by the council.

When contacted this morning Mr. McDowall said he was unaware of any such decision and nothing had been communicated to him as yet.

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