Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, has announced a “stay at home weekend” with travel on the roads outlawed for everyone except essential workers, people seeking medical attention and those involved in the vaccination exercise.

Speaking during today’s covid-19 brief, the Health Minister began by explaining that yesterday’s planned news briefing was postponed so they could acquire and present the latest information.

This as he reported that along with the death of a nine year old child on Sunday, three elderly people succumbed to covid-19 yesterday, taking the Barbados death toll to 28.

He stressed the urgent need for the public to adhere to the protocols as he cited the spread of the virus within communities and families with many young people being affected.

Bostic also reported progress in eliminating the backlog of test results following the arrival of testing supplies from Guyana and expected the backlog to be cleared by today.

But he’s very unhappy with the amount of traffic that is still on the streets during this lock and announced stern new measures to deal with it.

He warns that violators will be arrested and charged


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