Minister of Education, Santia Bradshaw, this morning held the second in a series of meetings with school teachers and principals about COVID-19 protocols for the new school year due to start next month.

Ms. Bradshaw and other government officials met yesterday with secondary school teachers and today it was the turn of those from the primary schools.
Some teachers left the venue upset that their children were not allowed to accompany them into the building and argued that it should be held by zoom and also complained they weren’t properly informed previously about the planned reopening.  But others felt it was a useful session and said they were happy to attend.

Meantime, President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union, Mary Redman, went on VOB’s Getting Down to Brass Tacks to stress yet again that she and her members strongly disagreed for the process for holding the meetings.

But she disagreed with trade unionist Senator Caswell Franklyn that the minister had no right to meet directly with teachers.

Education Minister, Santia Bradshaw, also called into the Brass Tacks program today noting that more than four hundred people attended today’s meeting and stressed she felt such sessions were vital.

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