Bdos/TT/Guy Ferry Plan Progressing

Bdos/TT/Guy Ferry Plan Progressing

Trinidadian officials are to visit Barbados in coming weeks as plans are being finalized for the launch of a ferry service between Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.

The Trinidad and Tobago government has disclosed in a statement that a team of technical officials from that country will visit Guyana and Barbados to inspect port infrastructure as efforts continue to launch what they call a common transportation ferry system.

The team will arrive here over the next two weeks to carry out the inspection.

The statement disclosed that last week, government ministers, technical officers and other stakeholders from the three countries met in Port of Spain to discuss the inter-regional ferry system and that the meeting highlighted each country’s position in relation to this issue.

The ministers are said to have emphasized their commitment to implementing the ferry service.

While in Port of Spain, the officials from Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana inspected the vessel to be used for the ferry service – the Galleons Passage.

The team is said to have agreed to continue to work to make the ferry service a reality as soon as possible.

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