Two men are expected to appear in court on Monday charged for several offenses.

Amir Blackman and Keenan Browne have been charged jointly and separately for a number of alleged crimes.

In the District C Station area, the two are jointly
charged for a case of robbery on September 10, 2021 and a case of burglary on March 16, 2023.

Twenty one year old Blackman of River Land, St. Philip has been charged separately with burglary on October 2, 2022 and robbery on 17 March 2023.

Nineteen year old Browne of Four Hill, St. Peter has been charged with Robbery on 3 March 2023.

In the District ‘A’ Station Area, Browne has been charged separately with theft of a motor car on 5th March 2023 and theft of a motor car on 5th May 2023.

Blackman has been charged separately for use of an imitation firearm to commit robbery on 3rd May 2023.

Blackman and Browne have also been charged jointly with robbery and theft of a motor car and contents as well as a laptop valued at three thousand 500 dollars, property of the state, on 3rd May 2023.

Both accused have been scheduled to appear in the District ‘A’ and District ‘C’ Magistrate’s Court on Monday 22nd May 2023.

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