QEH Junior Doctors Complain About Long Working Hours

QEH Junior Doctors Complain About Long Working Hours

Junior doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital are calling for shorter working hours for the medical staff employed at the institution.

In a statement concerned junior doctors said that as a result of long working hours, several doctors have either migrated to the U.S, United Kingdom or Canada, resigned from their posts, taken extended sick leave periods or require mental health counselling for physician burnout.

It was an issue raised by Government Senator Dr. Crystal Haynes during debate on the appropriations bill.

Senator Dr. Crystal Haynes.

Meantime, the statement from the junior doctors references Senator Haynes’ comments and notes that she is a colleague.

The junior doctors note that they have been in communication with the administration of the QEH on the restructuring of various departments.

They say they hope that the times of 32 hour shifts, severely sleep deprived physicians and the resultant risk of medical errors is fully abolished and put behind them.

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