Haynesville Residents Concerned Following Shooting

Haynesville Residents Concerned Following Shooting

A shooting last night at Haynesville, St. James has left some residents there fearful for their safety and concerned about the gun violence in the country.

A 34 year old Haynesville man was shot in his chest about 8:20 pm.

The victim was transported to hospital by private motor car.

When Starcom Network News visited Haynesville today, a resident voiced his concerns.

He believes the crime situation is due to the unemployment.

A Haynesville resident

An anonymous caller to the Holetown Police Station last night told police that a man had received a gunshot injury whilst in the area of the Bailey canteen. The caller further stated that a car drove in the area before multiple gunshots were heard, one man received injuries to his upper torso. He was transported by private motor car for medical attention.

Police have indicated that the victim who was in the Operating Theater at the Hospital, is now in stable condition.

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